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If you have discoloured driveways, oil stains on concrete, or even moss-covered pavers or steps that are slippery, high pressure cleaning is the solution you’re looking for.


Pressure cleaning is suitable for a range of driveway surfaces, including plain and coloured concrete, tiles and pavers.

House washing

Give the exterior of your house a new lease on life; leave windows looking clean and cobweb free.

Entertainment Areas

A pressure cleaning service is an easy fix to remove moss, lichen and leaf debris that can leave your entertainment area or timber decking discoloured and slippery.

Oil Patches

We use a concentrate degreaser to remove stubborn stains from concrete and pavers Commercial Carparks, Surface dust, tyre marks and oil patches are no match for high pressure cleaning.

Pressure Cleaning Price Guide – All Property Services FNQ

Pressure cleaning is a tricky business. With many variables involved due to the type of treatments and risks involved when using a high powered pressure cleaner. The best thing to do when considering the options for your home or business is to look for a local professional and get the right advice. A professional service can save you a lot of time and money and getting the job done right can save you a lot of heartache and headache when it comes to keeping your property clean. That’s why professional exterior house washing services are recommended. Especially in our tropical climate. There are many benefits in using professional services when it comes to cleaning the exterior of your home, your driveway, roofs and boundary fences.

  Various chemicals can be used to remove mould and dirt from the surface areas, with some chemicals suitable for one surface such as your driveway or rooftop yet unsuitable to use on others.  High and Low pressure cleaning techniques as well as chemical application can save you from repeat visits from a professional for an extended period of time.

Some of the areas we recommend you consider when looking for a professional clean are;  Exterior Walls, Decks, Verandas, Driveways, Patios, Stairs, Rooftops, Gutters, Facia & Eaves, boundary fencing, retaining walls, pool areas, shade sails, concrete areas, paved walkways, pergolas & outdoor entertainment areas.  The quote per job may vary depending on several variables.

For a basic pressure cleaning service at your property, please see the rates below.

General Exterior House Pressure Cleaning Rates. (Prices May Vary)

Price Guide - General Pressure Cleaning Rates.

Area in square metres
1 – 30 Square Metres
40   - Square Metres
50   - Square Metres
75   - Square Metres
100 - Square Metres


Area in square metres
150 - Square Metres 
200 - Square Metres
250 - Square Metres
300 - Square Metres
400 - Square Metres


To give you price guide per home for general household areas, please below for basic pressure cleaning prices and exterior pressure cleaning services.

Price Guide - Exterior House Walls & Eaves

House Size
2 Bedroom Home
3 Bedroom Home
4 Bedroom Home

Type of House
Single Storey Home
Single Storey Home
Single Storey Home

Estimated Cost

House Size
2 Bedroom Home
3 Bedroom Home
4 Bedroom Home

Type of House
2 Storey Home
2 Storey Home
2 Storey Home

Estimated Cost

Added Value & Services

Depending on the property and the area that needs cleaning, there may be added services included or additional chemical treatments also available to you. For example - included mould removal and chemical treatment, concrete and/or paved area sealing and protection, chemical application for restoration & on various surfaces, stripping of old damaged sealing or coatings for restoration of various surfaces.

Price guide for Concrete & Paver Sealing

Surface Area
1-30 Square Metres
40 Square Metres
50 Square Metres
75 Square Metres
100 Square Metres


Mould Treatment & Removal

Mould and Algae can build up on all exterior surfaces. Including the roof of your home or business. A pressure general pressure clean can remove the mould, however a chemical treatment and application following the clean is often recommended. Treating the surface with the right chemical can ensure the mould stays away for an extended period of time saving you time and money, as well as a repeat visit from a professional.

On Average it takes 250 Litres of water to pressure clean an average 3 Bedroom home. The chemical treatment to professionally treat the same surface area requires approximately one third of that amount of water in chemical to ensure the treatment is affective.  

The same 3 bedroom home would require around 80 Litres of chemical to treat the same surface area for mould and bacteria. 

At the same time, not all surface areas will require this treatment. A general price guide per litre is below. 

General Rate per Litre for chemical application

Litres Required
1 – 40 
40 – 60
60 – 100 
100 – 120
120 – 150


Pressure Cleaning of Rooftops

Keeping a roof clean and free of mould and bacteria, as well as leaves, can not only increase the value of your property, but also keep away pests, rodents, reptiles and mosquitos. Especially in Far North Queensland.

It is important to note that there are several variables that will be factored into the price to have a roof pressure cleaned, treated to keep your property safe and your home looking great. 

The main factors that will need to be considered are

While pressure cleaning is the main focus in this price guide, our representatives will need to inspect the property prior to confirming the price for pressure cleaning a rooftop at the property. We will take photos during the first inspection, prior to our work starting, during the process and after it is complete. If during the inspection there are noticeable or significant damages or areas that may be in need of repair, we will notify you and if required, we can recommend a site visit by another contractor in regards to repair or restoration.

A simple roof clean and chemical treatment is not too expensive for the average property, however replacing roofing, sheeting or cladding, gutters or cyclone proofing components can be more expensive depending on the severity of the damage and cost materials required.

Pressure Cleaning can be a simple clean and chemical treatment, or a pressure clean can be a strip and preparation job prior to renovation if you require the service prior to restoration. 

Painting of rooftops (if required) can be a little more costly due to the cost of materials and labour however we can discuss all of the options and provide a professional quote for any additional services you may require. We work to a high standard. We can simply clean the surface area and remove mould and build-up of dirt and leaves, or we can pressure clean the surface and then apply chemicals to treat mould, and keep it away for longer.

The average price per square metre for a basic roof clean

From $1.75 to $2.00 per square metre for concrete and metal surfaces.

The average price for terracotta and other types of rooftops 

From $4 per square metre

The prices in this guide are as a guide only. There may be slight changes to these rates depending on the variables which need to be taken into consideration for each property.